Bachelor (B.Sc) and Master (M.Sc.) thesis

Bachelor (B.Sc) and Master (M.Sc.) thesis opportunities available in the Jäschke lab

Thank you for your interest in joining our group.
We are interested in bright, motivated students from all over the world. Our work on the borderline of chemistry and biology is highly interdisciplinary, and our team offers a scientifically challenging and stimulating environment for anyone interested in applying chemical approaches to biological questions and vice versa. At the moment, we have B.Sc., and M.Sc. projects available in the following areas:

You should have demonstrated excellence in your studies of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, or pharmacy. Essential traits for new lab members are genuine scientific interest, curiosity and the willingness to learn and apply techniques from different fields. You should already have some research experience, and at least two scientists (faculty level) should be able to assess your qualifications.


Duration of the M.Sc. thesis is typically limited to 6 months. Fluency in either English or German is required. Terms, specific topic, and starting date are to be negotiated. For applicants from Heidelberg University, a prior internship in our lab is strongly recommended.
We welcome students from foreign universities to carry out internships or to work towards their Bachelor / Master’s theses in our laboratory, provided that your home university allows this. We do not offer a degree from Heidelberg University for those candidates. It is your responsibility to check the regulations of your home university and to secure the financial resources for your stay in Heidelberg.

Application details:

We appreciate online applications; preferably everything combined in one PDF file. Please submit a detailed CV, a motivation letter, transcripts (including translations, if applicable) and 2 names of referees to Prof. Dr. Andres Jäschke at
Inquiries by e-mail or phone (+49-6221-54-4853) are welcome.
Please be aware that generic mass mailings will automatically be deleted by the Spam filter.
Inquiries by phone (+49-6221-54-4853) or e-mail are welcome.


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