Medicinal Chemistry - Co-Workers


Raphael Berger, MSc

Leah Glanzmann, MSc

Dominik Mytzka, Pharmacist

Xianxian Wang, Dr.

Cheng Zhang, Dr.

Judith Stirn, MSc

Johannes Lang, Pharmacist

Mila M. Leuthold, Dr.

Marius Werner, M.Sc.(joint PhD project with Prof. Thomas, in the Synthetic Immunology consortium)

Christian Klein, Prof. Dr.


Administration and technical staff, mostly shared with other IPMB groups:

Viola Funk

Natascha Stefan

Karin Weiss

Tobias Timmermann

Heiko Rudy


Independent in-house collaborators:

Dr. Tom Sundermann. Project in cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Traffic Medicine, Heidelberg University.



Prof. Dr. Christoph Nitsche, Dipl. Chem., Associate Professor at the Australian National University

Prof. Dr. Somayeh Behrouz, Shiraz University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Sergio Vechi (sponsored by CNPQ, Brazil).

Christian Steuer, Dr. rer. nat.. Scientist at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ETH Zürich.

Severin Kämmerer, Dr. rer. nat., Pharmacist, now at Bachem

James Ayres, Dr., now at BASF

Dr. Nikos Kühl, Pharmacist, now at Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Stefan Hinkes, Pharmacist, MSc Chemistry, now at Pfizer

Tonko Dražić, Dr.

Aline Schöllkopf, MSc

Dr. Mira A.M. Behnam, M.Sc.

Dr. Luuk van Oosten, M.Sc.

Dr. Alexander Jakob, M.Sc.

Dr. Michael Richter, M.Sc., now at Swissmedic

Prof. Dr. Veaceslav Boldescu (sponsored by Humboldt Foundation).

Dr. Dominik Graf, M.Sc.

Dr. Allan Bastos Lima, M.Sc. (sponsored by CNPQ, Brazil).

Dr. Lena Weigel, Pharmacist

Dr. Christian Jöst, Dipl. Chem.

Dr. Sarah Calcagno, Dipl. Chem.

Dr. Mascha Jäkel, Dipl. Chem.

Elisabeth Treutlein, Chemikerin

Therese Scholz, Dr. rer. nat., Pharmacist

Thomas Mendgen, Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Chem.

Markus Altmeyer, Dr. rer. nat., Pharmacist

Rolf Schiffmann, Dr. rer. nat., Pharmacist

Anke Steinbach, Dr. rer. nat., Pharmacist

Carina Heyl, Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Chem.

Dr. Aline Marschner, Pharmacist

Yasemin El Sherif


In addition, the group has been, and is, host to numerous MSc and BSc candidates as well as a number of short-time international guests.



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