Medicinal Chemistry - Research

Current research activities:

  • Viral proteases as drug targets (dengue, West Nile virus, Corona etc.)
  • Combined phenotypic/target-oriented screening approaches, and their application in antiinfective drug discovery.
  • Boronic acids in medicinal chemistry.
  • New treatment paradigms for psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Methods include:

  • Organic synthesis of ligands and inhibitors.  
  • Structure-based drug design, virtual screening.
  • Protein biochemistry.
  • Development of screening and assay methods.  
  • Molecular biology and genetic engineering.
  • Crystallisation and (in collaboration) structure elucidation of protein-ligand complexes.  



  • Organic-synthetic laboratory with all standard equipment.
  • Chemical analytics, including NMR facility with two spectrometers (300 and 500 MHz), etc.
  • Other analytical methods such as MS, FTIR, UV-VIS.
  • Microtiter plate readers.
  • Laboratory for molecular biology with PCR, incubators, homogenizer, etc.
  • Liquid chromatography (HPLC) for proteins and small molecules, various detection methods
  • Graphical workstations with 3D-equipment. Various software packages.
  • CHN Elemental analysis
  • CD spectrophotometer
  • NIR spectrometer
  • Fermenter
  • Microwave reactor
  • Automated flash chromatography



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