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Molecular Biotechnology
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Molecular Biotechnology at IPMB

The consecutive study program in Molecular Biotechnology prepares students for a career in Life Sciences.


Molecular Biotechnology at IPMB


During the first two years of the Bachelor program students are taught the basics in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. During their third year students specialize in one of the three main topics: Drug Design, Biophysical Chemistry or Bioinformatics. The Bachelor thesis is the last part of this program and the first independent scientific work.

The second step on the road to a scientific career is the Master program. Here, students get to know different scientific fields and environments during their internships and get the chance to get into contact with scientists around the world. Again, key to success is the individual specialization, because each student can design the study plan according to personal interests.

The last part of the scientific education is the PhD thesis. Our students profit from their profound basic knowledge, their ability to think and work both interdisciplinaryly and translationally as well as from their early specialization and high level of independence.

Therefore the consecutive study program in Molecular Biotechnology at the IPMB at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg is the ideal scientific base for a scientific career both in industry or academia.

Both the Bachelor and the Master program are certified by the Akkreditierungs-, Certifizierungs- und Qualitätssicherungsinstitute ACQUIN.

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