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Pharmacy at IPMB

The Pharmacy program at the IPMB offers an education in a variety of natural sciences and prepares students for a career in a pharmacy and beyond.


 Studies of Pharmacy


During the two years of basic studies students gain knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Physiology as well as in Molecular and Cell Biology. The accumulated exam grades of this study period are accredited as first state examination.

After the first state examination the advanced study period starts, deepening the knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences Pharmaceutical Biology, Chemistry and Technology and adjacent medical fields like Pharmacology, Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacy. After four years the university education is completed with the second state examination. Students with this grade of pharmacist are allowed to start a PhD thesis or doctorate.

The practical education includes at least six months in a public pharmacy and is followed by the final exam, the third state examination, which leads to the licensure as registered pharmacist. Apart from working in a pharmacy, registered pharmacists can pursue a career in Research and Development, but it is advisable to conclude a PhD thesis or doctorate first.


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