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Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology

Research at the IPMB is focused on the development, investigation, and application of drugs and bioactive compounds, as well as on the elucidation of molecular and cellular mechanisms of action. This research integrates experimental approaches of chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, bioinformatics, and pharmaceutics. Main research areas of our institute include nucleic acids as tools and drug targets, development of new antiinfective drugs, research on neurodegenerative diseases as well as drug targeting and transport.



New ERC Grant - Murat Sünbül

Another success of the IPMB at the European Research Council ERC: Dr. Murat Sünbül receives an ERC Consolidator Grant. More details from the news page of Heidelberg University. Congratulations to Dr. Sünbül! IPMB now has three ERC grants ongoing, the others are by Prof. Jäschke and Prof. Niopek.


We welcome our new colleague, Prof. Carl Herrmann, recently appointed as Professor for Bioinformatics!

The group of Carl Herrmann focuses on the development of methods from statistics and machine learning to integrate large genomic data sets. This allows to describe molecular processes, especially regulatory mechanisms, and to decipher their role and alterations in various diseases.

We welcome Professor Dominik Niopek, our new colleague and Professor for Pharmaceutical Biology!

A "research statement" from Prof. Niopek: "We harness engineering principles to control molecular processes in living cells with high spatiotemporal accuracy. By combining state-of-the-art methods including optogenetics, CRISPR, viral vectors und machine learning, we create precision molecular tools with various applications in basic research and future medicine."


Publications in „IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence“ and „Nature Physics“

The research group of PD Dr. Karl Rohr has developed new computer-based methods for segmentation of cells and motion analysis of malaria parasites in microscopy images. The work has been published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and in Nature Physics.


Welcome: Dr. Philipp Uhl appointed to professorship of Pharmaceutical Technology with focus on phospholipids

We are extremely glad to announce that Dr. Philipp Uhl has been appointed to the new junior professorship, effective at the beginning of October, 2022. The professorship is based on a generous endowment from Lipoid GmbH, Ludwigshafen.


Andres Jäschke receives the Albrecht-Kossel Award of GDCh

The IPMB congratulates Andres Jäschke on the Albrecht-Kossel Award for his works on chemical biology of nucleic acids! Further details are provided by the GDCh press service.



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